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We Understand Challenging Perspectives

Changing perspective is a healthy practice if we want to be empathetic, rational, and compassionate. However, changing perspective is not just seeing things from the view of another; it's also about gaining perspective. By stepping outside of our own perspective, it becomes possible to reframe our interaction with others.

Perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life.

Joni Eareckson Tada

Girl with Anxiety


It appears in many forms. Fear of spiders, heights, or social situations? Excessive worry about grades? Ruminating thoughts about bad things happening? Engaging in maladaptive behaviors with the hope of preventing unwanted thoughts? Dealing with conflict at work or in your relationships? These are just a few of the experiences people have with anxiety. Westport Perspective can help the way you look at these fears and take away the power they have in holding you back.

Young Man With Depression


There are many symptoms of depressed mood. It can appear as excessive irritability, lack of joy, feelings of hopelessness, change in sleep quality/quantity, change in appetite, negative thoughts that create or reinforce a negative self-image, and thoughts about death. Westport Perspective encourages you to fight the negative thoughts with more realistic, balanced thoughts and gives you clear tools to change your response to the depressed mood and its symptoms.

Client in Therapy

Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

There is often a struggle with impulsivity, procrastination, disorganization, and/or attentiveness. These challenges can result in under achievement and lead to diminished self-esteem. There are many user-friendly strategies that can ameliorate these symptoms, leading to the success that each person deserves.

Client in Therapy

General Feeling of Low Self-Worth

From the time we are very young, we receive messages from our environment. We are often both criticized and validated. This happens both overtly and subtly. Unfortunately, we hear and hold onto the negative messages more strongly than the positive ones.

Therapy Is A Partnership

You and us; we are a team.

Together we reframe viewpoints, problem solve obstacles, understand issues, and step back to gain insight. 

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