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We Help Change Your Outlook

When you change your perspective, you improve the quality of your life.


With a direct and compassionate approach, our seasoned clinicians start by getting to know the client in a way that feels comfortable on both ends, developing rapport and connection in a meaningful way. The stronger the engagement on both sides, the more impactful the treatment.


We recommend weekly sessions to begin building the relationship and to create the opportunity for progress. We see this as akin to exercise— the greater the consistency, the more likely you are to experience positive results.


When we work with adolescents, ours is a team approach that often involves communication with other parties, such as educators and pediatricians. Parenting support in particular is a critical element in our care. See “Coordinate Care” box for more information.  

Life is about perspective and how you look at something... ultimately, you have to zoom out.

Whitney Wolfe Herd

We Are Committed

We help you to live a more satisfying life by reducing the frequency and intensity of emotional discomfort.

We listen thoughtfully, without judgement, providing support and validation throughout each session.

We teach positive, long-term coping strategies that empower our clients to make desired changes and build better lives.
Parenting support is a critical element in our care, and we work closely with parents to better ensure the success of treatment and affect lasting change.

Reframing a negative attribute from your past as a positive one can greatly enhance your performance.

Problem Solve

Problem solving obstacles and criticism is much easier with a positive perspective. 


Compassion and the power of positive thinking can help you avoid negative thoughts so that you can better understand your world.

Step Back

Stepping back to get the bigger picture can help you gain insights into what is most important.

Personalized and Compassionate Therapy

We quickly establish a strong rapport and provide thoughtful, authentic reassurance. We believe that building and maintaining trust is key to achieving more effective therapeutic results.

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